Babies & Toddlers Eating Too Much Sugar

avah-beaters.jpegInfants’ diets are too sweet reported USA Today. A Nestle Feeding Infant and Toddler Study, released October 18, concluded many babies and toddlers are eating too much sugar and salt and children under 4 aren’t eating enough fruit and vegetables.

The survey found:

* 43 percent of babies under 11 months old had a dessert or candy or a sweetened drink on a daily basis.

* 25 percent of children 9 months to 4 years old don’t eat fruit on a daily basis.

* 30 percent don’t eat any vegetables.

“HEAVEN HELP US!” We know most kids don’t consume enough veggies. What’ alarming is the age of the children in this study. They found one quarter to one third of babies and toddlers don’t eat enough fruit and veggies… that’s mind boggling.

Avah’s mom knows birthday cakes made from scratch don’t have artificial colors, flavors or trans fat.

There’s not one good reason why babies under 11 months should ever eat anything with sugar, especially dessert or candy. I even wince when I see a baby’s first birthday cake which is usually loaded with sugar, trans fat (in the frosting) AND chemicals (artificial flavors and colors).

The article went on to say many baby books use cookies and candy to teach counting. Also children’s cookbooks are loaded with sweets and processed food. EXACTLY what I’ve been saying.

The timing couldn’t be better for my new children’s storybook, The Forest Feast. Fun is fused with healthy eating in The Forest Feast. Two best friends, Try Rannosaurus® and Betty Baby BitesTM, love to eat nutritious foods. Their prehistoric escapades emphasize the goodness of yummy whole foods, especially veggies.

A rumbling in Try’s tummy wakes him from slumber in part one, “Who’s Cooking Breakfast?” The hunt for nourishment (especially the green variety) begins. Try can be heard bellowing, “I’m so hungry, I could eat a tree!” as well as his favorite exclamation, “Green food is yummy!”

In the second section, “Gone Fishing,” Try is easily distracted from his goal to find a special veggie for the feast by his constant need to refuel. The day progresses in “Try’s Surprise” to the day’s conclusion with the much-anticipated weekly event: The Forest Feast. Try, unable to make a decision as to his contribution to the meal, ends up surprising everyone.

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