Franken Foods

kalee.jpgIt’s October and you’re sure to see kids in scary costumes. Frankenstein’s monster is a perennial. A young scientist, Frankenstein, created a living man from various corpses he’s stolen from morgues and graveyards. The monster eventually turns on his creator and causes the death of Frankenstein’s family and friends.

The latest food experiment began in the mid-90s. New crops were derived from genetically modified organisms, called GMOs. The genetic modifications produce living organisms, which are not possible through natural means. We have no idea what the eventual outcome will be for people eating these foods. So, the nickname “Frankenfoods” stuck.

Franken Foods scare Kaylee.

Genetically Modified foods often resists pests. Now, the bugs just don’t stay away from the GMO, not the plant “resists” the bugs with it’s own built-in pesticide. Yes, pesticide. When a bug eats a GM plant, the toxin splits open their stomach and kills them. Now what happens when people (babies and children) consume modified plants. We don’t know, but your ingesting pesticides.

The most common Franken crops are soy, corn, cotton, and canola. They’re used in hundreds of processed foods. The introduction of Frankenfoods has caused concern around the world. Some believe they might pose a danger to human health. They’re banned in Europe.

Most of the scientific community says there’s no evidence that Frankenfoods poses a threat. They’re right. There have been no long-term studies on humans, so there’s no evidence. The only evidence is antidotal. Although, Frankenfoods have been linked to food allergies, low fertility and birth weight, increase in autoimmune diseases, heart disease, respiratory illness, anemia, and cancer.

There is no telling what the consequences of using these genetically modified foods will be. Already, investigators have found that rats fed genetically modified potatoes had an increased thickening in the lining of their stomach and intestine and a weakening of their immune system. Read more about GMOs…Click Here.

You can do three things to limit your exposure to GMOs:

*Read food labels.

*Reduce the amount of processed food you purchase.

*Buy organic

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