School Lunches Kids Will Love

Make interesting lunches with ‘planned-overs’

apple_grace.jpgMany times kids don’t eat their lunches out of plain boredom. PB&J can be tolerated only so many times. Adjust your thinking to nutrients, not sandwiches. Many times appealing lunches involve “planned-overs.” That’s making enough of something for dinner for a planned-over lunchbox item.

Try something different than the traditional PB&J sandwich. For variety, make an almond butter and banana sandwich cut into a fun shape with a cookie cutter. Or draw a funny face on a hard-boiled egg. Don’t forget to add a cool pack to keep food items from spoiling.

12 alternatives to a sandwich

1. Hard-boiled egg and whole-grain muffin or a slice of zucchini bread. For the younger child, practice cracking and peeling eggs at home.

2. Tuna in a 3 ounce can and a small plastic container with Italian dressing. You may have to practice opening a pull-top can, using a plastic fork as leverage and how to mix it in the container with the dressing.

Grace says, “Don’t forget to pack an apple!”

3. Brown rice salad with bite-sized chicken pieces

4. Cold slice of pizza

5. Small cheese ball with whole-grain crackers

6. Chicken wings or a drumstick

7. 3-bean salad (if you purchase this ready-made, be sure sugar isn’t listed in the ingredients)

8. Any green salad with raisins, sprouts, and chopped nuts and veggies. Pack the dressing separately.

9. Sliced apples and peanut or almond butter. Send the nut butter in a separate container for dipping. Add whole-grain crackers or a whole-grain muffin.

10. 3-Grain Mexican Salad made with barley, brown rice, and corn. Click Here for the recipe.

11. Apple, carrot, and raisin salad

12. Veggie sticks and a dip

Fill your kids with love: give them a hug before they go off to school.

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  1. N. Davis says:

    Thanks for this helpful article! It’s also good information for adults who are looking for an alternative to the same old boring sandwich or eating out for lunch at work!

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