Keep Produce Happy

Especially in these uncertain economic times, you’ll ultimately save your grocery dollars when you eat all your produce. Spoiled produce is money down the drain.

Keep Produce Fresher, Longer
ally-watermelon.jpg1. You may think your kids fight a lot, but fruit and veggies don’t like each other at all! They’re constantly fighting in your refrigerator! The solution is to separate them. Manufacturers know this and build refrigerators with special bins for each. For optimum nutrition, taste, and longevity, store plants with seeds (fruit) separately from plants without seeds (vegetables).

Ally knows fruit (produce with seeds, like this happy watermelon) should be stored separately from veggies (produce without seeds).

2. Remove the tops from beets, carrots, and radishes because the sap will continue to flow from the root to the leaf. This deprives the part to be eaten of some of its nutrients.

3. If your lettuce or celery is wilted, soak it in cold water. The vegetable will absorb the water and crisp up once again.

4. Place mushrooms in a brown paper bag to enhance longer storage.

5. Potatoes, onions, and garlic should be stored in a cool, dark, well-ventilated place—not the refrigerator.

Don’t place them under the sink either, as the moisture will cause them to quickly spoil.

6. Bananas turn black when stored in the refrigerator. Keep them on the counter.

7. Always thoroughly wash vegetables and fruit to remove bacteria. Preferably wash and dry before placing in the refrigerator.

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