Meal Time Should Be Happy Time

Enjoyment of food is directly tied to the mood around the table.

Mason found another way to enjoy his food…by wearing it!

Dinner is the one time of the day families can share. Today, many busy families eat together only three times a week. With just a little planning, you can change that statistic for your family. Enjoy being together. Your children will be grown and gone much too soon.

If it hasn’t been your practice to eat together or if dinner is  a trying time with a picky eater, by eating together you will model healthy eating. Your picky eater will see you enjoying the food he has refused and be more likely to eat it himself.

Keep the goal in mind as your family adjusts. Begin by turning the TV and radio off. Don’t answer the phone during mealtimes. Enjoy each other’s company!

Initiate your supper with a prayer of thanksgiving. Take a few moments at the beginning of each meal to acknowledge the Creator and the blessings your family as received during the day. What a better time is there to thank God than when the family sits together to break bread?

The table must be a stress-free zone. Happy meals don’t happen by accident. With just a little planning, your family will be enjoying the family dinner hour together. When a child misbehaves, refuses to have what’s been prepared for dinner placed in their plate, they are removed from the table. Dinner is a happy time and children soon learn that misbehaving is not allowed at the table.

It’s hard to appreciate a meal when the conversation is negative. Leave the current recession, inflation, and your current credit card balance for discussion at another time. Don’t discuss Juniors misbehaving in school or his neglected homework while eating, either. The focus at the dinner table should be on your family and the positive things that each person has done during the day.

Once you have established a happy zone at the table, especially for the picky eater, then the initiating the Baby Bite steps to transform your picky eater into a healthy eater will naturally follow.

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