Health is in Season

Whole foods cost less than processed foods
jovey-melon.jpgMany believe that their grocery budgets can’t expand to cover the cost of whole foods. Usually, we’re comparing apples to apples, not whole foods to processed foods. We compare the cost of a bag of regular chips to a bag of organic chips or a bag of regular cookies to a bag of organic cookies.

Organic processed foods are more healthful, due to the absence of altered fats and high fructose corn syrup, although you’re not gaining a whole lot when you purchase processed anything. No doubt that organic processed food cost more.

When you stop purchasing processed foods and switch to whole foods your grocery bill will be lower. If you switch from processed junk foods to organic processed foods then you’ll be spending a little more.

Hidden cost of processed foods
Obesity is dangerous to your health and carries an annual $147 billion price tag in direct medial costs (over 9 percent of all medical spending).

Jovey is enjoying a summer treat.

Calculating your medical savings with a healthy diet is reasonable. The obese spend almost $1,500 more each year on health care than an average-weight person. Fifteen hundred dollars a year is about $125 a month! That’s a lot of organic food. Instead of digging your grave with your fork, you could be eating your way  to health. Resist purchasing chips, ice creams, and cookies.

Health is in season
So take advantage. Enjoy summer’s sweet treats: Melons, stone fruits, grapefruits, figs, berries, and grapes. Summer veggies make yummy snacks as well: snap peas, carrots, and celery.

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