Growing Healthy Kids

james-9-months-028.JPGGrowing healthy kids starts in pregnancy and continues for a lifetime. When the first foods your baby receives is from the garden and you never purchase fast or processed foods, your child will naturally eat healthy foods.

Contrary to popular belief, picky eaters are not born, they’re made. While we may have a natural preference for certain foods, children eat what their parents purchase and eat.

Growing healthy kids isn’t as difficult as it may seem. What’s hard is for parents to change.

With just two teeth James takes his first tiny bite of a yummy peach!

It’s easy to feed a baby whole foods. The challenge begins with toddlers. Toddlers have minds of their own and they’re happy to express it. Their growth slows and so does their appetites. If you’re feeding your toddler chips, cookies, French fries, and crackers, don’t expect they will ask for veggies.

When dad and mom stuff themselves with junk foods, their kids will emulate what they see. They will certainly follow your lead. Fast food chains know that capturing the youth market is a sure way to get a customer for life and they market to pre-schoolers Click Here for Nonna’s Happy Meal blog.

If you want healthy kids, who love to eat fruit and veggies, then you need to stock your kitchen with fruit and veggies. There’s 3,000 chemicals added to our food supply. Leave processed food on the grocery shelves. If it’s not in your kitchen, then your kids (and you) can’t eat it. When they ask for processed junk food, just open the cupboard and tell them that we no longer have it. Then encourage them to Eat Your Colors.”

The hardest part is for you. Your picky eater will not starve. Can you manage without purchasing chips, candy, boxed cookies, fast foods, and pop? Certainly. With the tight economy, think of all the money you’ll save! Processed foods are expensive and have no nutritional value. To help you plan whole food shopping at the grocers, Click Here for a helpful grocery list. That’s where it all begins.

After you have your kitchen stocked with whole foods, then what? Keep the mood at the table happy and express your joy when eating whole foods. Click Here for ideas on how to include your kids in food preparations.

Mangiare Bene (Eat well)!

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