Eat More Raw Food

The number one cause of illness is poor nutrition, according to former Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop. He said, “Diet-related diseases account for 68 percent of all deaths.”

It’s well-established that how well you and your children feel depends on the food you eat. The good news is your body was created to heal and repair itself:

ally-salad.jpg>In one hour, a billion cells are replaced in your body.

>Every 4 weeks the entire outer layer of your skin is replaced.

>Every 2 months, practically every cell in your heart muscle is rebuilt.

>Your body builds a new bloodstream in 3 months.

>Your nails are replaced every 6 months.

>Every two years, your body has new bones and hard tissues.

Ally helps to serve a yummy salad. You’ll want to try Rainbow Salad.

Next summer, you will have an entirely new body. Will it be healthier or not? It depends on what you eat this summer! Healing begins by eating more raw foods and avoiding sugars, white flour, and altered fats. (The Baby Bite steps will remedy a picky eater refusing to eat veggies and whole foods. Click Here for a synopsis of the book.)

A “raw foodist” eats at least 75 percent of their food consumption as raw food. That’s fresh fruit, vegetables, sprouted grains, seeds, and beans, cold pressed oils, raw honey, nuts and seeds. A totally raw food diet isn’t for everyone, but everyone will benefit from eating more raw foods. The healthiest raw food is grown without chemicals or processed in any way.

Acidosis is over-acidity in the body tissues and is one of the basic causes of diseases. For a proper pH balance, your diet should consist of approximately 75 percent alkaline-forming foods, which includes vegetables and fruit. Click Here for a partial list. It’s not surprising the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) contains more acid-forming foods than alkalizing foods.

Alkalizing foods highlight most vegetables and fruit. So you can see that picky eaters, who don’t consume most veggies, eat mostly acid-forming foods (which include fast and junk foods). Tasty produce is bountiful in the summer and it’s the perfect time to include more raw foods into your family’s diet. They’re light and they’re alive: Salads, fruit, veggie sticks, nuts, cool veggie and fruit drinks. Raw foods include dips, like avocado and hummus, for dipping veggies.

The fun for me comes in trying out new salad recipes. When one becomes a family favorite, it’s a natural to bring to family gatherings. You’ll want to continue serving healthy salads throughout the winter. In fact, salads are the perfect dish to bring to holiday dinners.


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