Mother’s Day Gift of Time

A Mother’s Day Gift Just For You

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“A man’s work is from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done.” This proverb is truer today, than ever before. Moms now balance incredibly busy schedules. The appliances which were supposed to save us time—don’t really. They don’t because the little time they may save, is eaten up with additional tasks.

Today, if you’re a stay-at-home-mom, you’re twice as busy and more isolated than your grandmother. So many women are working outside the home; stay-at-home moms have lost their neighborhood support group. That’s the reason for hugely successful networking sites like Facebook and Mammasource.

Instead of neighborhood women being an outlet for you on hectic days, if you’re at home you’re alone. If you’re at home, your house may be the sole neighborhood gathering place for the kids on your block.

Kids no longer play outside until dinner. They need to be chauffeured to games and lessons during the busiest time of your day-when meals are to be prepared. Many already busy stay-at-home moms have added teacher to their duties, choosing to home-school their children.

If you’re a mom, who has another job, you must somehow manage to care for your children, cook, and clean, while being away from your home forty-plus hours a week. After your children are collected and the family is screaming from hunger, you must pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat each night and make dinner appear in fifteen minutes.
Many dads are true partners and do their share with dinner and the kids. Regardless, it’s usually a made dash to the dinner table.

Perhaps you’re a single mom, raising your children alone. Without any physical or emotional support from a husband, single moms are exhausted most of the time. Some single moms are going it totally alone, without even financial support from her children’s father. This single mom has to be both mother and father to her youngsters, while shouldering the entire home maintenance and financial burden.

Time is precious. When I had young children, I was so busy that I never thought what it would be like when my kids were older. One day, a friend with teens mentioned her favorite time was during a storm. For her that meant her family was home. No one was out. No one was driving. Her children were safe in the confines of her house. I never thought that far ahead. Each day was all-consuming for me. But it eventually happened to me, too.

I know what it’s like to have the clock and your children rule your day. With managing a job, kids, and a home, time can get away from you. My gift to you is the help which will save you time and make your day easier.
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Enjoy all the pampering you’ll receive. When the day’s over and your life gets hectic, use my gift of time.

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