A Day Without Processed Food

inara.jpgEat Whole Foods
A typical grocery store stocks 40,000 items. Ninety percent of food dollars is spent on processed food. We are used to opening a can or a box or a bag for most of our meals. When I mention the idea of eating only real food (food that has been minimally processed), many can’t imagine what that would be like. The prospect of preparing a meal with only whole foods can seem overwhelming, but it’s not as hard as you might first think.

Involve Your Kids
Make it a family project to have a processed food free day. Getting kids, especially picky eaters, involved in meal planning and preparation is guaranteed to peak their interest in food they normally refuse to eat. Ask your kids, “What would a day look like without store-bought sweets, soda pop, canned goods, processed luncheon meats, or over-processed grains in a box?” Discuss a proposed menu, find some interesting recipes, make a list, go shopping, and then cook together.

Inara loves whole foods!

Okay, if you must, use some processed foods, but choose the LEAST processed. Use food without additives like altered fats, nitrates, MSG, and artificial flavors and colors. Use only whole grains. Don’t use canned goods or anything from a box. After all, not everyone will bake their own bread and make their own pasta, but you get the idea. To help you get started, here are some whole food ideas for your processed food free day:

Breakfast Ideas:
Grain like oatmeal or cream of wheat (not instant)
Pancakes from scratch
French toast
Fruit Smoothie
Hash brown potatoes

Lunch Ideas:
Sandwich (without processed meats and made with a whole grain bread)
Salad (make your own dressing)
Vegetable soup (speed up the process with a blender)

Snack & Dessert Ideas:
Julianne slices of veggies (make an avocado dip)
Cheese slices
Homemade cookies
Raisins or other dried fruit
Ice cream (it’s not cheating if you make your own)
Bake apples or pears
Pudding (not from a box)

Dinner Ideas:
Stew (either with meat or a veggie stew)
Beef, Chicken, Fish, or Lamb
Chili (soak beans overnight and cook the next day)
Brown rice
Potatoes (not instant)
Pasta with homemade Alfredo sauce
Casserole (use brown rice)

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