Climb out of the Breakfast Rut

casey-proud.jpgWhen kids can finally make their own breakfast, it helps with the morning rush. Unfortunately, it’s about that time a breakfast rut usually begins.

The breakfast rut is made with simple carbohydrates: white flour pancakes and waffles topped with sugary syrup, most processed cereals, coffee cakes, donuts, bagels, and white bread toast.

When breaking fast, the morning meal should be filled with whole grains and protein. This will help bring your kid’s brain power up to full-speed. Children, who’ve eaten a healthy breakfast concentrate better, solve problems more easily, and have better muscle coordination. Kids are less likely to be overweight, if they eat a healthful breakfast. Because, children, who eat a nourishing breakfast, are less likely to snack on junky foods.

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You can climb out of the breakfast rut in just three steps. Once you’re on the path to whole foods, you’ll find it’s just as easy for kids to make a nutritious breakfast as pouring processed cereal from a box.

1) The first step out of the breakfast rut begins in your pantry and refrigerator. Clear your pantry of sugary cereals, pastries, toaster items, and any thing instant. This will eliminate the temptation to use processed breakfast items, which offer little in the way of real nutrition. A kitchen stocked with whole foods, leads to healthy breakfasts.

When a toaster pop tart isn’t available, you’ll reach for wholesome whole grain bread. If your pantry doesn’t hold processed instant cereals, then you’re more likely to eat nourishing old fashioned rolled oats and cream of wheat. If you don’t have any instant breakfast packets, then you’ll make a healthful breakfast fruit smoothie.

Have tasty nutritious foods on hand for easy breakfasts: Cottage cheese mixed with fruit, a breakfast salad tossed with radishes, celery, cucumbers, top whole-grain waffles and pancakes with applesauce, on really rushed mornings, eat fruit, cheese, juice, and a PB&J sandwich in the car.

2) Then, keep breakfast foods in easy reach for younger children. Place them on the lower shelves in your refrigerator. Have 100 percent fruit juice mixed and ready. If your dishes are stored in upper cabinets, take down what they’ll need for breakfast out and set them on the table for breakfast. Keep fruit within easy reach on the table.

3) The last step out of the breakfast rut is to apply the Boy Scout motto “Be prepared.” On the weekends or your days off, prepare more breakfast than your family can eat. Then place individual servings of pancakes, waffles, French toast, and turkey bacon in baggies and freeze.

Boiled eggs are another healthful breakfast food. They make a fast, but nourishing breakfast that kids can grab on the run. You’ll want to mark hardboiled eggs with a felt-tipped pen, so your kids can easily identify the cooked from raw eggs. With a marker you can draw a smiley face or heart, to make their morning a little cheerier.

You’re out of the breakfast rut and standing on solid nutrition when you teach your kids how to make their own healthy breakfasts. Kids love to do it themselves! Take advantage of summer with a more relaxed morning time schedule. Not only will you be able to set a pattern for busy fall mornings, when your kids at home for the summer break, you’ll be able to involve your them in the entire process.

Kids can easily retrieve the homemade breakfast items you previously prepared or froze and reheat them. Having a toaster oven or a microwave can make the job of reheating nutritious foods easy enough for grade school kids.

You can prepare breakfast items ahead for your children and all they have to do is help themselves in the morning. Premix the ingredients for a fruit smoothie and store in a jar the refrigerator. All they do is shake and pour. Homemade whole-grain oatmeal cookies and a glass of milk are more nutritious than sugary processed cereals. Kids can reheat bowls of brown rice in a toaster oven and top with slices of fruit. Premix egg salad for sandwiches. In the morning, grade school children can spread it on whole-grain bread. Another idea is to prepare a tray of veggies and dipping yogurt sauce. Even leftovers warmed up from dinner make it an interesting and healthy start for your kid’s day.

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