Mealtime is Happy Time

angel-ally.JPGDinner is the one time of the day families can share. Today, many busy families eat together only three times a week. With just a little planning, you can change that statistic for your family. Enjoy being together. Your children will be grown and gone much too soon.

Thanksgiving may be over, but don’t stop giving thanks. Initiate your supper with a prayer of thanksgiving. Take a few moments at the beginning of each meal to acknowledge the Creator and the blessings your family has received during the day. What a better time is there to thank God than when the family sits together to break bread?

Photo: Mealtime is happy time for cousins Angel and Ally.

The table should be a stress-free zone, especially for the picky eater. Enjoyment of food is directly tied to the mood around the table. Leave financial stresses or other matters of concern to be tackled at another time. Save corrections for your children, such as poor grades or messy bedrooms, for after-dinner discussion. The focus at dinner should be on your family and what each has done during the day.

Take time to enjoy your family and your dinner, don’t rush away from the table to watch the latest sitcom episode. You’ll be glad you did. Two of my daughters have begun a tradition during their family meals. They ask their young children what’s their “rose for the day” and “thorn for the day.” This simple question makes dinnertime special, even for the smallest children. It includes your youngsters in the dinner conversation, and lets them know they’re important, too.

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