The Holidays with a Picky Eater

candy.jpgThis is absolutely the worst time of the year for sugar consumption. The problem for children is that simple carbohydrates (especially sugar) are primary in their diets. To make matters worse for the picky eater, who self-limits veggies and whole grains, is that they love to eat junk foods and sweets.

Our traditional holiday foods only make it more difficult for parents of a picky eater, because they are mostly simple carbohydrates. Even if you attempt to limit the amount of cookies and candies your children eat, they are everywhere.

Well-meaning adults (especially Grandma or Aunt Britney) can sabotage your efforts to limit junk foods. You’ll NEVER convince a child who has just consumed a candy cane or gingerbread cookie or a piece of fudge to eat his dinner. Do your best to convince well-meaning relatives to reserve candy and other sweets for after meals.

Sweets are everywhere during the holiday season.
Save them for after meals.


Baby Bites is about better nutrition, although, there’s room for splurging, now and again. When attending parties and celebrations, take a preemptive approach with your picky eater. Feed your kid whole foods BEFORE attending the party or family gathering. If your child isn’t starving from hunger, then it’ll be easier for her to use self-control. Even if she doesn’t, all isn’t lost, because the first thing in her tummy was a whole food. Hopefully, that will be enough to minimize the amount of junk food eaten.

Even adults have problems with self-control. The good news is anyone can learn self-control and choose from the sugar smorgasbord, but it takes practice. Suggest to your child to take her time and choose two or three treats to eat from the tsunami of sugary treats. Explain that eating too many sweets might result in a stomach ache. Unless you offer the freedom of choice, and of course, don’t send her off to the gathering starving, it’ll be a loosing battle.

When you’re the one entertaining, offer nutritious snacks. There’s plenty of whole foods which are fun and nutritious: carrots, celery, broccoli, and cauliflower served with a dip, cheese and nuts, and of course popcorn, but not caramel popcorn. Make mini sandwiches and other fun finger foods.

If you’re eating out or you’re at your relatives and you can’t offer the nutritious foods your picky eater readily eats, don’t panic. Also, it’s a good idea to hold off introducing new foods to the picky eater until after the holidays. When you back on track in a normal routine, you can pick up, where you left off adding whole foods to your picky eater’s diet.

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