More Kids Treated for Adult-Type Illnesses

katelyn-hat2.JPGThis is shocking!

Our children are at risk for diseases we once thought to be reserved for adults. The number of U.S. children taking medications for chronic disease is growing. Researchers at Express Scripts, St. Louis University and Kansas Health Institute evaluated the use of drugs to treat hypertension, high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, depression, ADD/ADHD and asthma in insured CHILDREN ages 5 to 19. They use prescription claim data for 2002 to 2005.

Katelyn is shocked. She had no idea so many children were taking drugs for adult-type illnesses.

The use of all medications rose, but the use of drugs to treat Type 2 diabetes soared.
The rate of growth for drugs to treat these conditions:
Hypertension: 1.8%
High cholesterol: 15%
Diabetes: 103.3%
Depression: 1.8%
ADD/ADHD: 40.4%
Asthma: 46.5%

We all think we feed our family healthy food, but we must take a closer look at our grocery cart. It’s full of processed food items. This generation is the first that’s not expected to live as long as their parents! While there are many factors for the decline in our kids’ health, our food supply is at the top of the list. Over 90 percent of our food is processed with over 3,000 chemicals.

Our sugar consumption is through the roof. Each person eats approximately 150 pounds of sugar in a year! Most moms don’t think the sugar statistic applies to their family. But sugar (especially high fructose corn syrup–the worst sugar) is in almost all processed foods. Foods which are probably in your cupboard. Even if you think your family isn’t eating much sugar, if you purchase processed foods, you are.

For our kids health, purchase WHOLE foods. Most of your grocery cart should be filled with produce and whole grains. Keep the number of packaged foods (cereals, cookies, crackers, chips) for special occasions and to a minimum. Drink milk, water, and fruit juices. Never purchase soda pop or kids’ drinks high in sugar and food coloring. CLICK HERE to print off a FREE helpful grocery list.

If your children are having difficulty with moving your family to whole foods or if you have a picky eater, purchase my book, Baby Bites: Transforming a Picky Eater into a Healthy Eater. It explains a step-by-step method of multi-sensory learning for the whole family: CLICK HERE.

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