TV Ads Impact Kids’ Health

Largest Study on TV Ads and Children’s Health.

This vital topic concerning our children’s health is studied by the Kaiser Foundation. The study found that 34 percent of ads targeting children are for candy and snacks, 28 percent are for sugarcoated cereals, and 10 percent are for fast foods. Only 4 percent are for dairy products and a measly 1 percent for healthful fruit juices. With a third of our children overweight or obese and the greater probability of these children facing diabetics and heart disease as adults, this data is useful.

Phoebe & Mille sit in my recliner to watch TV.
I fast-forward through the commercials and
they love the healthy food I make for them!
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What does this study have to do with picky eaters? Everything!

tv.jpgSurprisingly, skinny picky eaters and overweight children share the same diet. They love junk foods: the very foods highlighted in TV commercials. Almost without exception, skinny picky eaters grow up to be overweight, because their diets don’t change, but their metabolism does.

> While TV ads factor in the decline in our children’s health, it’s only one factor. Certainly, TV ads influence our children’s food preferences, but what you purchase and stock in the kitchen, the frequency of eating out, what you prepare for snacks and meals, and how much exercise your children get are just as important.

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