American Nutrition Sadly Lacking

466793_marco_bump.jpgI read an eye-popping article in the Sunday Denver Post. It looks at data about the American lifestyle complied from John de Graaf. The data compares the U.S. with 14 European Union countries in quality-of-life indicators. He says that it’s clear the health care, safety, and education are faltering in America.

“For example, he says, even a need as basic as nutrition is compromised when money is poorly allocated or spent. The average American slurps 53 gallons of soft drinks every year, and now spends more in restaurants than in grocery stores. “Even wild monkeys have healthier diets than most Americans,” says anthropologist Katharine Milton, “partly because in our fast-paced world, the emphasis is on snack-ability, convenience, and shelf life rather than the human life.”

Americans also rank near the bottom among industrial nations in health per unit of food, spending the least for food, but the most for health care. In spite of the expenditures, we’ve fallen to 42nd place in the world for longevity. We’re also 42nd in infant mortality, but number 1 in obesity.”

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