Yummy Mushrooms

danielle.JPGThis is yummy news if you are on a budget!

According to a news release, the common white button mushroom has as much, and in some cases, more anti-oxidant properties than more expensive varieties.

The button mushroom is the most cultivated edible mushroom in the world with thousands of tons eaten every year. It’s often thought of as a poor relation to its more exotic and expensive cousins and to have lesser value nutritionally.

But, according to new research in SCI’s Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, the white button mushroom has as much anti-oxidant properties as its more expensive rivals. Anti-oxidants are believed to help ward off illness and boost the body’s immune system by acting as free radical scavengers, helping to mop up cell damage caused by free radicals.

Dr Jean-Michel Savoie from a governmental research institute in France said, “It can be reasonably assumed that white button mushrooms have as much, if not more, radical scavenging power as mushrooms currently touted for their health benefit. The good thing is button mushrooms are available all year round, are cheap, and may be an excellent source of nutrition as part of a healthy diet.”

Photo: Dannielle is learning fashion sense,
but she already knows that mushrooms are full of anti-oxidants.

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