Fun Food Quiz

girl-question.jpgJust for fun, let’s take a little food quiz.

How many questions can you answer correctly?


1) Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries.

2) Rinsing eggs before cracking them removes bacteria.

3) Frozen food stays good for as long as it’s kept in the freezer.

4) You’re more likely to be hungry if you’re cold.

5) Almonds contain protein closely resembling breast milk. Zakia isn’t sure how well you’ll do on the quiz!

Let’s see how well you did:

1) FALSE. Per 100 grams of weight, lemons have approximately 3 grams of sugar and strawberries over 5 grams. Strawberries are sweeter than lemons.

2) FALSE. If you’re eating farmed-raised eggs, dry cleaning messy eggs with a very fine sandpaper is the most efficient. If you wash eggs you remove a coating, allowing the eggs to become porous and bacteria enters the egg. Commercial eggs have already been cleaned. (CLICK HERE for more information about eggs.)

3) TRUE. Frozen foods are safe to eat indefinitely, though flavor and texture may change with longer freezer times.

4) TRUE. When your body temperature drops, your appetite increases and you experience hunger. Eating “stokes the furnace,” generates heat, and helps warm your body.

5) TRUE. Of all the seeds and nuts, the protein in almonds is most like the proteins in human breast milk. (CLICK HERE for Nutty News About Nuts.)

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