Picky Eater?

Children don’t automatically love whole foods! 

dani-n.JPGDid you know that picky eaters need to be taught how to love whole foods. The way to do that is to incorporate multi-sensory learning into their mealtimes. It doesn’t matter if you’re four or forty, multi-sensory learning works. Once a picky eater’s senses are engaged, she’ll be on the road to healthy eating.

Utilize all the senses during mealtimes. We think that taste alone should be enough to convince a child to eat a new food, but it’s the last sense to incorporate.

Auditory learning is essential and discussing the meal is vital. Keep the conversation about the food positive. What color is broccoli? Green food is yummy! Is the broccoli smooth or rough? Talk about the various tastes food offers: salty, sweet, and bitter. Each is different and different is yummy!

Do you have a picky child, like Dani?   

Incorporate other senses as well during mealtimes. What does a food smell like? What’s it’s texture? Can you smash the food between your fingers? How does it plop in your bowl? What color is it? Who else loves to eat it?

Make mealtimes fun as well. To avoid food battles, make mealtime a learning experience. Whenever possible engage your child’s senses with food preparation. Have your child help prepare and serve the meal. Even a toddler can help assemble a sandwich and learn to peal a banana. Children are like sponges as they soak up everything around them. Encourage your picky eater to appreciate once-refused foods, which have unique colors, textures, smells, and tastes. Each food is different and different is fun.

Learning to appreciate new foods should always be a multi-sensory experience. Yes, it’s necessary for your child to pick up his food in order to learn about its characteristics. So, get the handy wipes ready!

Multi-sensory learning is the foundation of the Baby Bite Steps. In fact, in about a week, after the implementation of the Baby Bite Steps, even the most food-resistant child will pick up and eat a formerly refused food.

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