Organic is Better

ethan0508.JPGIt’s official organic is really better! The article says, the largest study into organic food has found that it’s more nutritious than ordinary produce. The evidence from a four-year project from Britain should end years of debate, that eating organic food is no more than a lifestyle choice. The study found organic fruit and vegetables contained as much as 40 percent more antioxidants, which scientists believe cut the risk of cancer and heart disease. They also had higher levels of beneficial minerals such as iron and zinc. That’s incredible, don’t you think?

This European Union-funded project found vast differences between organic and conventionally grown foods. Researchers grew fruit and vegetables and reared cattle on adjacent sites. Their primary site was a 725-acre farm attached to Newcastle University.

They found levels of antioxidants in milk from organic herds were up to 90 percent higher, than in milk from conventional herds. They also found up to 40 percent more antioxidants in organic vegetables.

Pictured Left: Ethan agrees, organic is better!

The coordinator of the project said the government was wrong, about there being no difference between organic and conventional produce. “There is enough evidence now, he said, that the level of good things is higher in organics.”

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