Your Baby Is Watching You

aiden.JPGScientists have found that three-month-old infants pick up emotional signals from others. It was previously thought infants could only process social signals directed at them.

However, researchers from Hunter College and the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Scientists show that three-month-old infants go beyond face-to-face social interactions. They even use social cues to process objects in the world around them.

In this study, three-month-old infants viewed images of people who looked at new objects with either fearful or neutral facial expressions. Infants’ brain activity showed their processing of new objects varied, depending on the emotional signals the adults used.

Pictured above: Aiden is smiling at his mom.

Pictured below: Mom is Helena’s security.

dsc03853-1.JPGIt seems our babies are using our facial expressions as reference points for everything. If you want your baby to be secure in the world, this study indicates you must present the world and the things in it as safe.

It stands to reason, if you want your children to eat healthy foods, then you must enjoy them yourself. The best way to ensure a healthy eater, is to eat whole grains, veggies, and fruits yourself. Smile when you’re eating them, because your baby is watching you!

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