The Baby Watch Is Over


I thought waiting for a baby was difficult when I was the one pregnant. The last 4 weeks seemed as long as the first eight months!

But, I think it’s even harder when you’re waiting for a grandbaby.

We now have 7.

Some came to us by way of adoption, some biological.

All are loved.

Each grandbaby is special. The circumstance which each baby came into our family is unique.

Katelyn Hope, grandbaby number 7, tried to come into the world too early. In fact, she wanted to come weeks before her due date.

Modern medicine managed to stop her mother’s contractions. We prayed and waited until the doctors gave the “coast is clear” signal, July 7. That was still 19 days before the official due date, but the baby would be considered full-term at that point.

Everyone was so happy my daughter, Jackie, wouldn’t have the worries of a preemie. We all thought once the “all’s clear” was given by the doctor, the baby would make her appearance. But babies have their own schedules.

We waited the entire week of July 7. Trying not to bother Jackie with too many calls. We restrained ourselves from calling every hour.

Ally, Ben & Nicole say hello to their new sister, Katelyn Hope 

katelynn-kids.JPGCertain the baby would come any minute, we cleared our calendars for the following week (of July 14). We wanted to be ready. Dick, my husband, and I made the hour’s drive to my daughter’s home on Monday, July 14 when contractions indicated that the time had come. Only to discover it was a false alarm.

We waited some more.

Sunday, July 20, at 2:30 AM, we got another call. My daughter, Jackie, had just been admitted into the hospital, ready to give birth. We realized we’d most likely miss the big event since we live an hour’s drive away, but immediately headed out the door. Jackie wasted no time in delivering little Katelyn Hope at 2:59 AM. She weighed in at a whopping 7 pounds 14 ounces and 19 3/4 inches long.

How precious are grandbabies! So adorable; so cute; so cuddly; so loved.

angel-zach-josh.jpgGod’s gift to parents is someday becoming a grandparent.

You have all the blessings, without all the work!

Grandchildren are certainly jewels in our crowns. And now we have seven.

Angel, Zachary and Joshy will have to wait a few weeks to meet their new cousin.

One thought on “The Baby Watch Is Over

  1. Christine Hickman says:

    Yippee! The baby’s here and all is well! Congratulations to grandma and grandpa for hanging in there. Thanks for sharing the news and the pictures-Tell Jackie she did great and we are keeping them in our prayers. Talk to you soon!

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