Kids Eat Too Much Sugar

nicole-cake.JPGIt’s really no surprise that kids eat too much sugar. We already know that. But it’s good to have it backed up with facts. According to an online article from the Journal of Pediatrics, the health of preschoolers is seriously compromised: by the amount of sugar in their diets!

They found that preschoolers are eating 14 to 17 teaspoons of sugar every day—mostly, from sugary drinks and snacks. What’s worse, is the sugary foods take the place of healthy foods, like veggies, protein, and complex carbs. This means the more added sugars from sodas and sweets in kids’ diets, the fewer the number of good nutrients their bodies get in order to remain healthy.

The study points out the problem with sugary foods is twofold: they contain little vitamins and minerals, and the calories aren’t beneficial for health and growth.

Pictured: Birthdays are a time to make exceptions and Nicole is enjoying her birthday cake.

To find out the effects added sugars had on kids, the researchers analyzed the data of over 5,000 children ranging in age from 2 to 5. They focused on the amount of added sugars the children consumed, in relation to their important nutrient intake.

It makes Nonna-sense if a child is full from sweets, she’ll not eat her veggies. It’s no surprise, the results of the study confirmed the more sugar kids ate, the less they benefited from health-building nutrients. It’s also no surprise that picky eaters have no trouble eating foods loaded with sugars.

To find out how to transform your sugar-loving child into a healthy eater:

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