Don’t Be Fooled by the Front of the Package Tease

Let’s spill the beans on the front of the package claims:


  • Natural only means the product is edible: Look for “100% All Natural”, “No Preservatives”, or “Certified Organically grown.”
  • Fortified, Enriched, Added, Extra, and Plus: You can be sure these products have had the nutrition removed and artificial ingredients have been added. Look for 100% whole-wheat bread, high-fiber, and low-sugar on cereals and breads.
  • Fruit Drink: This product is mostly sugar. Instead, purchase products that say 100% Fruit Juice. Then if you really want to save money, even 100% fruit juice contains a lot of natural sugars, so dilute the fruit juice before drinking.
  • Made with Wheat, Rye, or Multi-Grains or Whole Grain Goodness: Sounds healthy, doesn’t it? Look for the word “whole” before the word “grain” to ensure that you’re getting a 100% whole-grain product.
  • Organically Grown, Pesticide-Free, or No Artificial Ingredients: This can be a healthier product, but to be sure trust only labels that say “Certified Organically Grown.”
  • If the front of the package states: Sugar-Free or Fat-Free-Don’t assume the product is healthy or low-calorie. The manufacturer most likely compensated with unhealthy ingredients. Sugar-free is usually loaded with artificial sweeteners. Fat-free products always have added sugars to make up for the lack of taste when the fat’s removed.

Don’t be fooled into believing that so-called healthy foods are necessarily lower in sugar. Yogurt is probably one of the worst offenders. Mom’s think they’re giving their babies a healthy food, when in fact it’s loaded with sugar. Fruited and even vanilla yogurts have between 6 and 7 teaspoons of sugar per serving. Food manufactures, rely on your being in a rush and not taking the time to read or understand the nutrition label. You no longer have to be myth-tified. You now know the tricks of the trade.

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One thought on “Don’t Be Fooled by the Front of the Package Tease

  1. rosie says:

    What does certified really mean? Can they lie about that also??
    Would you consider doing a guest post on

    Rosie, I think my blog, “Go Orangic without Breaking the Bank” (go to Nonna’s Kitchen, then Stretch Grocery $$$) will answer your questions.
    A Big Nonna Hug, Joann

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