A Guide for Parents of Picky Eaters that Actually Works!

Baby Bites™ Transforming a Picky Eater into a Healthy Eater

> Does your picky eater prefer fast food and sugar?

> Does your preschooler refuse to touch vegetables?

> Does your toddler throw food on the floor in defiance?

Brocolli is Yummy!

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone! Forty-nine percent of moms say they have a picky eater. With “Baby Bites,” in only 7 days, your picky eater will be tasting new foods!

Regrettably, we’re seeing the consequences from our present eating habits with overweight kids and kids who are experiencing diseases once reserved for adults. Thankfully, the synergy of the Baby Bite Steps catapults your picky eater to healthy eating. With the inclusion of multi-sensory learning, in a matter of days, your picky eater will be picking up and eating once refused food on his own. If you’re a new mom, you’ll discover how your baby can love whole foods from the beginning, avoiding ever having a picky eater.Peas are Yummy!

Children love Betty Baby BitesTM and Try RannosaurusTM, vital components used in the Baby Bite Steps. They not only offer a means to change negative mealtime patterns, but their enthusiasm for whole foods promote a new appreciation of nutritious foods for the picky eater. For the older grade school child, chapters 8 and 12 integrate multi-sensory learning into fun activities. Regardless of the age of your picky eater (even Daddy) can be transformed into a healthy eater with age-appropriate multi-sensory learning.

In addition to the Baby Bite Steps, you’ll find many timesaving ideas, shortcuts, and tips in Baby BitesTM to be invaluable.There’s nutritional information, oodles of tips, fun food facts and activities, plus super-nutritionally packed kid-tested recipes. In fact, if you’re a busy mom, whether or not you have a picky child, you’ll benefit from Baby BitesTM !


4 thoughts on “A Guide for Parents of Picky Eaters that Actually Works!

  1. Jessica says:

    My 7 year old dnt eat meat nor fruit nor veggies he dnt eat barly any thing but microwaveables all prossed food im so frusterated and dnt know what to do

  2. David says:

    This website is the single best resource for helping kids eat healthy. Thanks for making all of this information available!!!

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