Hot Cocoa

Nicole CocoaHot Cocoa…
without sugar

When you need warming from a spring shower, an autumn storm, or a winter blizzard, you can enjoy an occasional hot cocoa without the worries of added processed white sugar.

My recipe uses Stevia as a sweetener. Stevia is a naturally sweet herbal plant from the Chrysanthemum family and it pairs nicely with chocolate. Stevia has a slightly licorice taste. Some don’t care for it’s flavor, but when it’s used in a recipe with another distinctive taste, such as hot chocolate or lemonade it works very well.

I recently made this Hot Cocoa recipe for guests, only I used goat milk. They raved about it, saying it was the “best cocoa” they ever had! They were very surprised when I tole them that I used goat milk and that there was NO sugar added!

Nicole can’t wait until her hot cocoa is ready!

Hot Cocoa

1) For every cup of whole milk mix together  in a blender (or whisk):
2 tablespoons of organic unsweetened cocoa powder
2 to 3 Stevia extract packets (I use two to two and a half packets, but most people like it sweeter) — packets of various brands of Stevia have different levels of sweetness. You’ll want to taste as you add it to the cocoa. It’s sweeter than you think, so don’t add too much.
Optional: A pinch of salt and cinnamon

2) Slowly heat until hot, stirring all the while. Don’t boil the milk.
Ladle hot cocoa into mugs and enjoy!

Don’t you love the way hot cocoa smells? …heavenly!

3 thoughts on “Hot Cocoa

  1. Heidi Clopton says:

    This would be great with goat’s milk for anyone doing casein free options! Go to Casein Free Living in Middle TN facebook page to learn more about the benefits of being cow milk FREE!!!!

    • Nonna says:

      My first introduction into healthy eating began 33 years ago, with a daughter who had ADHD. You’ll want to read this post and the link at the bottom:
      These posts explain my experience with ADHD. All the recipes on this site are additive FREE–no (or limited sugars), no food colorings, no MSG–which usually affect ADHD. If you have further questions, please email me again. I will get back to you. Right now I’m on “nonna duty” with a new grandbaby, so I may not respond as quickly.

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