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I didn’t see the wisdom of a well-stocked pantry until we moved to the country over 30 years ago. At that time, I had four little girls and it was a half-hour drive to the nearest supermarket in good weather.

We purchased a freezer and I made weekly trips to the grocers.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that stocking up when an item was on sale, made a lot of sense. Even a little falling snow could prevent a dash to the store. Over the years, Denver’s had a couple of blizzards stranding us for days.  (Other parts of the country have their own severe weather disrupting services.) A well-stocked pantry made even more sense.

Tristan doesn’t know that long-term food storage,
doesn’t have to mean buckets of oats.

Nutritious Foods Are Whole Foods
Today, I’m still a firm believer in food storage: for convenience, savings and the unexpected emergency. You’ll find four food storage blogs located in  “Food Storage” in the Baby Bites Categories (to the right of this page) and another in “Stretch Grocery $$$.”

I often speak to moms’ groups about the importance of food storage. Although some moms recognize the need, they can’t always find the time to get started with storing whole grains. Some don’t bake, so the prospect of storing whole-wheat grain is impractical and some are just too busy. This has been a frustration for me, because of the uncertain times we are in. I understand the need is even greater, today.

Over the years, there have been many offers to advertise on Baby Bites. Although, I thought about some, in the end I turned them all down. I feel strongly about the integrity of what is posted on my site. My goal is always to provide vital nutrition information to families. Some have questioned why I “give” so much information away for free. It’s because my heart’s desire is to help families. If I sell a book, that’s great, mostly because I know it will help a mom transform her children into healthy eaters.

My philosophy is to store what you eat. Most long-term food products contain many unhealthy ingredients, which I would never want to consume. In addition,  the overall quality of most storage food is poor. That’s exactly why I am totally impressed with eFoods Global.

Fresh whole food is optimal and should be the primary source of nutrition for our families. My message has always been to cook from scratch at home. Like it or not, the reality is 90 percent of the food purchased is processed. Not only that, families eat out several times a week, mostly at fast food restaurants. For those times when the quicker the better is the answer for a meal or food purchased for an emergency, in my estimation eFoods fills the bill. Dehydrated food is one of the best options for processed foods. In the end food, water and shelter are the only TRUE currency and eFoods Global just made it easier.

eFoods Global Food Facts
Join Nonna Joann at eFoods Global
• Dehydrated from premium-grade fresh raw foods
• No genetically altered food (GMO)
• No added MSG
• No chemical dyes
• No imports from countries using illegal fertilizers and insecticides
• All of the products have zero trans fats
• Many of the ingredients are organic, but not all
• Their products are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU)
• They have products without dairy, soy and some are gluten-free.

Click Here to find out more about eFoods Global food storage.

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